How to get an inheritance immovable title deed?

✅️In order for the heirs to carry out the inheritance transfer transactions in the land registry, they must first obtain an "inheritance certificate" showing that they have a share on the real estate in question.

👉The certificate of inheritance, in other words the "certificate of inheritance", can be obtained from the notary or the civil court of peace.

👉After receiving the inheritance certificate, first of all, you go to the relevant municipality in the province or district where the real estate is located.

👉A document showing that the real estate has no property tax debt and its current value is requested. If there is a property tax debt, the debt must be paid.

👉Then go to the tax office. Inheritance and transfer tax is paid and a document proving that the relationship has been terminated is requested.

👉After all these stages are completed, the heirs can apply to the land registry office with all the necessary documents and request the registration of the real estate in their names.

👉It is sufficient for only one heir to apply to the Land Registry Office for transfer.

👉Because, not all heirs need to carry out the transfer procedures, it can be carried out by any heir.

👉Inherited real estate is exempt from title deed fees. The revolving fund fee of 1,300 lira, determined only for the year 2023, is collected by the land registry office.

👉For inherited real estate, heirs can apply to the land registry office with the necessary documents and carry out the inheritance deed transactions.
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