Online Sales

The algorithm for conducting a remote transaction of purchase and sale of real estate in Antalya from Dgs İnvest. 

Property selection

We select objects for you based on your wishes and conduct: online screenings, online presentations from developers. After receiving detailed information, you select an object.


Before signing the main agreement, it is possible to conclude a deposit agreement. In this case, you transfer the amount of the deposit to the developer and receive a receipt from the accounting department. After selecting an object, you send the agency a scanned copy of your passport and the names of your father and mother in Latin letters, as in their foreign passports. This data is needed by the agency in order to issue you a tax number in Turkey.

Filling out the contract

The developer fills out the contract, entering your passport details and Turkish tax number into it. The contract specifies all the terms of the transaction: the availability of installments, payment schedule, apartment configuration, layout and other conditions.

Signing of the contract

After filling out the contract, scanned copies of the document are sent to you in any messenger or by e-mail in order to print and sign. The scanned copy of the contract signed by you is sent back to the developer. It is signed by a representative of the developer and a real estate agency.

Receipt of the contract

After signing the contract by all parties, a scanned copy is sent to you. If desired, the original document can be sent by international mail.


Then you proceed to the payment procedure. Payment via bank account, payment confirmation: bank receipt.  Payment: cash, payment confirmation: receipt from the developer's accounting department.

Receipt of documents

After putting the object into operation, the developer issues the documents necessary to obtain the right of ownership (TAPU). You can apply for a TAPA yourself by arriving in Turkey. You can also issue a Power of Attorney to a representative of the developer or an agent of Antalya Vip Property, who will issue a TAPA without your participation. The final package of documents will be sent to you by international mail or transferred to your representative in Turkey.